Creative Play
How art challenges technology, and technology inspires art

The day I created a dress that tweets to itself, was the day I realized I was probably not your typical computer scientist, or designer. In this presentation, we will explore concepts that fuse Art, Technology, and Science in ways that inspire, surprise, and inform us of another kind of Future. As we approach 2020, we are certain that the most crucial innovations will come from the most diverse and interdisciplinary of efforts. We will also explore ways in which we can all leverage our own uniqueness as strengths, while playing creatively together.


Asta Roseway, Research Designer
Asta Roseway is a Research Designer and self-proclaimed “Fusionist” in the Natural Interactions Group at Microsoft Research. Her focus lies primarily around the intersection of Art, Technology, and Science and how this combination could help generate the next generation of emerging solutions for the Environment, Emotional Health, Social Consciousness, and Sustainability.Her research often leads to interdisciplinary explorations in human computer interaction and design which would include projects such as DuoSkin, temporary interactive tattoos which recently won an interactive award at this year’s SXSW, and Lightwear, wearable light therapy for seasonal affective disorder.

Asta is a strong advocate for a diverse and inclusive culture, and helped to establish Microsoft’s first ever Artist in Residence program that enables Artists to work collectively with our Researchers. She also co-founded Digigirlz, one of Microsoft’s longest running diversity programs that aims to educate and inspire high school girls about the Tech Industry. She is a Parsons School of Design alumn